Santa goes digital this year

It’s that time of the year again – pretty trees with stars on top, winter chills, socks on hooks… and cookies for Santa!

Where is Santa?

Snoring beside the warm fireplace, across the globe… in the North Pole is our dear old Santa. But look – he’s woken up by a notification!

It’s Christmas eve, and Santa is all set to travel around the globe on his sleigh with his reindeers and a big sack of presents.

Pit stops on the way

Everyone gets hungry on trips right? So does our Santa! He stops at his favourite café for a meal that feeds and looks after his reindeers as well.

It’s time to pay and Santa remembers that he’s got Meal Wallet credits on his Paysack Card. Now that was easy! No hassle with notes and no time wasted with receipts. One swipe and Santa is on his way again with a well fed tummy.

A Sooty Encounter

Not all houses Santa visits are welcoming. He has to escape angry dogs, clawing cats, climb walls or crawl through windows. One such house was the Paulsons. He couldn’t find any way to get in except – the chimney!

He was covered in soot from top to bottom! After making sure the gifts were placed under the tree, he climbed out as fast as he could before anyone woke up. Once out, he HAD to get cleaned up. But where?

Accepted anywhere and Everywhere!

Luckily he spotted a dry cleaner’s around the corner and dashed in for a wash of clothes. The clothes were dry cleaned and aired for him to wear. Relieved at the prompt service Santa paid the owner with his Expense Wallet credits using his Paysack Card.

Seeing Santa’s condition the owner treated him to a free haircut and beard trim. With his washed clothes and fluffy beard Santa felt as good as new! Overjoyed, Santa held out his card again but the owner would not accept the money saying it was a gift. Thinking quickly, Santa sent the man a Paysack Gift Card that could be used to buy whatever he wanted. Bidding farewell, Santa set off to the next house.

Paysack card to the rescue!

On his way back he saw a few kids on the street who didn’t have any homes. Seeing Santa, they’re faces lit up with happiness! But Santa’s face fell, he had no more gifts! Thankfully, there was a sweetshop open in the neighborhood.

Santa paid out money as they did not accept cards and took a picture of the bill which he uploaded on the Paysack app for reimbursement! He distributed the sweets among the children and waved them goodbye… as he got on his sleigh, back to the North Pole. After he got back, chuckling, he thought to himself.

(Nizwa Anwar is our creative director who heads the design team at Paysack)