A Christmas trip to remember

It is that time of the year again, when the bells start to jingle and all the kids in the street sing the same old song of jingle bells. Yes, Its Christmas and this time Mathew and his family has planned for a trip to the land of beaches, Goa.

The family is all set and excited for the trip. Mrs Mathew decorated the house beautifully before leaving by hanging lights, stars, bells and of course a big Christmas tree by the fire.

Mathew had arranged for their stay in Goa at a very fancy resort located in the heart of the city. He used his new Paysack Card which his company had provided to make the payments.

They set off their journey from Pune by road. On the way little Nikki, their daughter seemed to be very upset. When her mom asked for the reason she told that this time Santa won’t be able to meet her to give her a present.

This thought melt Mathew’s heart and he decided to buy her favorite soft toy as a Christmas gift. So they stopped at the nearest toy shop and bought a cute doll for her. While making the payment, Mathew remembered that he had some reward points in his Paysack wallet which was sufficient enough to make the payment for the doll, so he used it. The gift made Nikki very happy that she thanked and hugged her dad.

They continued their journey and reaching Kolhapur they stopped for lunch. The family enjoyed a tasty fat lunch. This time Mathew paid the bill with his meal wallet credit in Paysack Card. No waiting for balances or receipts. One click, that’s all it took. The family was on their way again with a full tummy.

At dusk they reached Goa and checked in their resort. After enjoying a nice complementary goan dinner they fell into beds for an early wake up.

Next day morning, they were all set for a relaxed day in the beaches but half way across their car jerk stopped and refused to move any further. Mathew, not thinking twice, searched for the nearest car service station. The car was towed.

By the time the car was set ready ,they enjoyed a cruise ride till noon and then went back to the service station to take their car. Mathew paid off the bill using his Expense Wallet credits in his Paysack card.

They thoroughly enjoyed their stay and left Goa taking back sweet memories. On their way back home they dropped in their friend’s place at Belgaum for a quick lunch. Mathew sent a Paysack Gift card to his friend and bidding farewell to them, he and his family set off their journey back home.

Reaching home, Mrs Mathew opened the door and turned the lights on.soon after they entered their home Mathew received a notification that the hotel bill was reimbursed to his wallet. To their surprise there were beautifully wrapped boxes piled up near the Christmas tree.

(Prepared by Nayana Nambiar)