Not all business relations are mere transactions

In February 2017, I reached out for the first time to this HR Manager at a very well reputed organisation.

I had a call trying to convince him as to why moving to our Paysack digital platform for employee benefits is good and it is the future as compared to the existing paper coupons that was in use for a decade.

Being a reputed, NSE listed company from Kerala, it is definitely a tough for a HR Manager to trust a unheard of brand with a small team to serve their company.

It took some time [6-8 months :-)], to convince him to let us serve them. Understandably so. It was worth the effort.

We had various meetings at their office, it was clear the respect and admiration people had for him at his organisation. During this period a bond was created. It was not that of just a service provider – customer one.

Here we had someone who would vouch for us with the company’s top management. Someone who decided to trust us in serving employees of all their subsidiary companies too. Thank you for the trust.

We had the freedom to call each other at any time day/night for any queries, or requirements.

Our company did have our own challenges regarding providing super service that we set out to do for all our customers. But we thank you sir for the patience and support during this period.

It was clear from his conversations that he stood by us although he had to face strong queries regarding if we were the right company to serve them.

The last couple of times he tried to call me, I was at meetings and so could not answer and had my team get back to him. I did not call him back as the problems were fixed by the team.

Few emails  to him since, went unanswered. I wondered why, till I got an email from his company and read something I wished I never had to. 

I am at loss of words on hearing the news about his sudden demise due to couple of teens on a bike hitting his bike at very high speeds.

Little did I know that would be the last chance I would have got to speak to you.

Bobby Sir, the warmth and genuine concern you had for us is something that cannot be forgotten. I did not get a chance to thank you for being the kind person you were. And I regret that.

Life is so unpredictable. Do not leave things for tomorrow. Be kind. Say Thank you, more often.

And, not all business relationships are mere transactions.

Founder/CEO, Paysack