Use Case: Koppr financial wellness for employees

Koppr is a financial wellness platform that help your employees with their financial health.

Employers today want to ensure their employees say focused, motivated and enjoy work. However, financial stress is one of the most important factors that comes between employees and their want to do well at work and in life. 

This is more important than ever before considering the times we live in. And we all need to work together to solve for it.

Koppr wants to partner with forward thinking, empathetic employers like you and guide your employees in navigating their financial needs and enabling them to fulfill all of their dreams. This by empowering employees to Learn, Plan, Act, Track their finances. 

To start with, do check out some of the courses that can come in handy for you: Koppr Academy

Koppr’s Mission:

To help companies become an employee-first organisation and stay ahead of the curve. In today’s dynamic and challenging business environment, we provide businesses the tools to engage, retain and delight their employees by taking care of their financial well-being.

Our team at Paysack is proud to have powered Koppr’s journey from Day 0 while it was an early  idea on paper and to be their trusted partner along the way. We are just getting started. 

Read more about how Koppr can help you and your employees:

About Paysack:

Paysack is a Full Stack Fintech Platform that helps Neobanks, Digital Lenders, and other Fintechs to build and launch best in class financial products and services that helps people get access to the right kind of solutions for their individual needs.

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