The Paysack Connect API Platform for Fintechs

The Paysack Connect Platform

Fintech API Platform through which we help companies like you to build & launch world-class fintech products

What is Paysack Connect?

Simple APIs and Developer Experience that allows you to build & launch awesome financial product experiences. We give wings to your dreams.

Are you a founder and looking to explore specific use cases around financial services – may be a Neobank for college students, a bill payment system for a specific target user group, a simple card management platform for truck drivers to disburse cash for expenses, or something else that you have identified as a pressing challenge?

This is what you need.

We are here to support founders and teams like you with infrastructure and key banking integrations to help you roll out your MVP and beyond.

We have various services as part of the initial roll-out. We will be adding more to this list as we build it out. Watch this space for future updates.

Paysack Accounts: APIs to create accounts, manage funds through virtual accounts, and much more.

Paysack Wallet: APIs to create wallets like food, fuel, general expense, and more.

Paysack Issuing: APIs to create customisable cards – physical/virtual, manage cards features like setting/updating pins, temporarily lock/unlock cards, enable ATM withdrawal, and more.

Paysack Collect: APIs to collect payments from bank accounts, instant transfers, wallets and more.

Paysack Disburse: APIs to disburse money into cards, bank accounts, wallets, and more.

Paysack Biller Hub: APIs to manage bill payments across merchants in India for categories like Electricity, Water, DTH, Mobile, Internet.

If you have a need for any such use case or something that is running in your head but want to bounce it off someone , do get in touch –

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