Card Management: No-code, APIs, Spreadsheets

How do you want to run your Card Management Program?

No-code-based: ready to use web dashboard which you can start using instantly.
APIs-based: for your developers to build out a custom, comprehensive in-house card program.
Terminal-based: using commands to run scripts for those who love the old-school command line-based experience.
Spreadsheet-based, Google Spreadsheet module for those who are comfortable working with the good-old excel sheets.

What is your comfort? We have the solution.

Card issuance and management involves both technical and compliance management.

While compliance and paperwork is taken care of, some early stage companies may prefer a quick to deploy tested system without having to spend many months in development in-house. We can help such businesses with a no-code platform, white-labelled to include custom name, logos and features.

Businesses with a strong in-house technology team would want to build the entire technology stack ground up. Developers want access to APIs for core card management, administration, 3rd party integration, etc.

Terminals and scripts and the old-school ways of management still excites a group of developers. We have easy to deploy card administration scripts which you could use.

Paysack Administration Scripts, run from a terminal:

Fetch CarTransactions:

If business owners are comfortable to run their card management from a Google Spreadsheet, the Paysack platform allows for a simple integration.

Card Management from a Google Spreadsheet:

To get started with the Card APIs, visit this link.

Explore the complete Paysack Platform here.

Paysack provides the business owner with the flexibility to pick what is suitable for their business use case.

Write to us: if you have any queries.