No code cards platform by Paysack

Paysack’s no-code applications can be configured and put into production in minutes. Simply signup with your email and mobile number. Provide us some simple inputs regarding your company, technology team capabilities, and solution you want to launch. Additionally, provide us with the components (Cards & System) you want to see as part of your solution. Customise your app by provide some files like your logo, app icon for android app and domain URL where you intend to host the web application. And that is it. Done. Ready for launch.

What is a no-code platform?

A no-code platform is a framework for application development that utilises configurations through a simple to use visual editor. Some even provide drag and drop functionalities to create your own solution placing different components according to your design.

This helps non-technical founders, businesses or teams build and launch solutions that would otherwise have taken them many weeks or months to bring their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to the market.

Businesses, thus do not need to have any coding background and would just need some basic imagination of what they want the solutions to look like.

Benefits of a no-code platform

Launch instantly: one can focus on the core solution and instantly get the app to the market and validate with real customer feedback rather than waiting weeks/months to launch their first version.
Reduce Cost: can bring down the cost of development by upto 80%. You will need to hire people with different kinds of experience like frontend development, backend development, security specialists, financial experts and more.

What is the no-code cards platform by Paysack?

Launching a fintech platform comes with a lot of challenges. One needs to be on top of various aspects like compliance, regulations, security, customer servicing, API development and integrations, versioning, authentication layers, administration panels, and much much more. And this would mean bringing together people with varied experience to be part of the team to help launch a fintech product.

We noticed that different types of companies targeting different use cases, always had challenges getting their in-house tech team / consultant / vendor to get to speed and helping one launch an app quickly.

You could now delay that expensive technology hire, or put a hold on having a full-time technology team in-house by using the no-code cards platform by Paysack.

No-code cards platform by Paysack thus enables any business to launch a cards web / mobile app instantly without writing a single line of code.

So if there is a startup / SME trying to launch a cards app or an NBFC / Cooperative trying to launch a lending solution on top of a card, it can now be done through the no-code cards platform by Paysack.

What are the various components of the no-code cards platform by Paysack?

The no-code cards platform  includes primarily 2 key components:
a) Card Components, and
b) System Components

Card Components include various card specific features like issuance, configuration, transactions, funding, and more.

System Components include various generic components like card administration, notifications, vendor integrations & management, and more.

How does the no-code cards platform by Paysack work?

You can start by signing up with basic contact details:

Describe: You the provide details about your company:

a) How can your company be described?
b) How can your company’s technology team be described?
c) How can your company’s solution be described?

Configure: You the provide details about your solution:

a) What are the various card components you like to have in your solution?
b) What are the various system components you like to have in your solution?

Ship: You the provide details about your final product:

a) What is the name of your app / solution?
b) What is the domain URL where we need to publish your solution?
c) Pick your colour theme
d) Upload image files:
– App Icon: it will be used as the android app icon and web app favicon
– App Logo: it will be used as the logo in the web and mobile app
– Card Design: It will be the card background you like
e) Check the box if you want an admin panel
f) Check the box if you want the android .APK file emailed to your registered email address.
g) Check the box if you want to publish the web app at the domain URL you provided.

Benefits of using the no-code cards platform by Paysack

Launch: With the Paysack No-code Platform you can quickly launch your financial technology (Fintech) solution.

Instant: What would otherwise take your weeks or even months to ship can now be achieved in 10 mins or less.

Independent: And the best part, you can do all this without need for a single technical member in your team.

No-code: That is right, you wouldn’t need to write a single line of code. A few click of buttons and your fintech solution is ready for launch.

Want to launch a Fintech solution quickly?

If you are a fintech/non-fintech startup, NBFC, Cooperative, Nidhi company, or SME looking for a no-code solution, write to us:

Alternatively, if you have a strong technology team and want to explore our Card APIs, visit this link.

Read more about the Paysack Card Platform here.