What is the Paysack Card Platform?

Paysack Card Platform is a modern API infrastructure platform that helps SMEs, Startups, Bank, Fintechs, and other Developers to build and launch awesome card products. 

Issue physical and virtual debit cards with our fully built and configurable embeddable applications.

Paysack helps developers like you launch a cards product that you envision.

Developers do not have to bother about bank partnerships, security, compliance and other challenges and just stay focused on building their business and wowing their customers with awesome experiences.

Paysack Card Platform


Who is the Paysack Card Platform for?

We serve the following kinds of businesses:

  • Developers
  • Fintechs
  • NBFCs
  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Financial Institutions like Banks / Cooperatives

Paysack Card Platform supports your business use case. If you are someone who wants to focus on building your business and want help areas around partnerships, compliance and security, core card API integration and management with financial institutions, infrastructure to be able to scale-up/down at will, then we are your ideal partner from day 0.

We help cut down you time and cost to launch a cards program.

Your business. Our Platform.

Does your company have limited technical skills or lack a platform to embed components into? Not to worry! We totally understand these challenges.

We have a configurable white labeled cards apps to get you going.

Why choose the Paysack Card Platform?

There are various providers of Cards APIs.

Most of the time, it does not come with additional custom APIs, integrations, Admin APIs, that can be critical to smoothly run your business.

This is especially the case if you are a B2B2C business and we bring you all that and more.

Launching a custom card is hard. We simplify embedding it to your businesses use case.

We ensure we provide the flexibility to what you look for in a Card Platform:

  • Core APIs for card issuance and management
  • Admin & custom APIs across versioning, authentication, user access control, and other 3rd party API integrations needed to launch your product.
  • White-labelled mobile / web dashboards to help quickly test and validate and launch your MVP.

    India’s best cards API platform

What are the ways I could use the Paysack Card Platform?

There is no restriction on how one could imagine embedding cards into their product. We leave that upto your imagination.

If you have a custom use case for a Card issuance, you could think of ways in which it could be used.

Use cases of the Paysack Card Platform

  • A multi-wallet card for employee benefits. Provide prepaid benefits like meal, fuel, general expense reimbursements, or gifting.
  • Student card to help students manage their finance better
  • A crypto spends card to help spend crypto without lot of friction
  • A digital loan disbursement and spends tracking card to provide additional credit for good spenders
  • A card for the underbanked to get paid or to be a spends card linked to their savings account
  • Any custom use case that you could think of for virtual / physical cards or open / closed loop cards

How does Paysack Card Platform help a Developer?

Apart from the Core APIs we provide the following for B2B2C Fintechs / Startups / SMEs:

How to get started with Paysack Card Platform?

You can get started by registering on our platform here: https://platform.paysack.com/signup

Pricing of the Paysack Card Platform

We understand the challenges involved to set you up to launch a cards product.

For ex., if you are an early stage startup looking to validate an offering, we do understand the challenges around costs, budgets, and we are flexible to work with you to help you win.

Reach out to care@paysack.com for any queries you have.

The Paysack Fintech Platform

Paysack currently supports 4 core APIs:

  1. Wallet APIs
  2. Payment APIs
  3. Card APIs
  4. Investment APIs

So if you are a business looking to embed one or more APIs, our ready to integrate platform is  what you need.

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