Student money management with Paysack

Paysack is an API infrastructure layer between all the stakeholders in the student ecosystem:  student, parent, merchants, educational institute, fintechs, and financial institutions like NBFCs, banks, stock brokers, insurers.

One of the segments that gained popularity with neobanks is the teens segment: 13-17 year olds could now get a prepaid card on their parent’s KYC.
The card comes with all the key card features like – set PIN, freeze/unfreeze card, block card, view transactions, etc. With all the parental controls in place

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Neo-fication of financial services for Startups and SMEs

The Paysack Fintech Platform brings digital financial services across 4 core areas for startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs):

Banking: wallets, cards, payments, accounting and expense management.
Wealth Management: demat account, trading account, funding the account,  portfolio management and reports, robo-advisory and more.
Lending:  line-of-credit, loan origination and management systems to borrow from banks or other financial institutions.
Insurance:  sachet / micro loan products, management, bundled products, claims and settlements.

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What is the Paysack Investment Platform?

Paysack Investment Platform is a modern API infrastructure platform that helps SMEs, Startups, Bank, Fintechs, and other Developers to build and launch awesome wealth / investment products. 

Provide demat + trading accounts with our fully built and configurable embeddable applications.

Paysack helps developers like you launch a wealth / investment product that you envision.

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