Student money management with Paysack

Paysack is an API infrastructure layer between all the stakeholders in the student ecosystem:  student, parent, merchants, educational institute, fintechs, and financial institutions like NBFCs, banks, stock brokers, insurers.

One of the segments that gained popularity with neobanks is the teens segment: 13-17 year olds could now get a prepaid card on their parent’s KYC.
The card comes with all the key card features like – set PIN, freeze/unfreeze card, block card, view transactions, etc. With all the parental controls in place

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No code cards platform by Paysack

Paysack’s no-code applications can be configured and put into production in minutes. Simply signup with your email and mobile number. Provide us some simple inputs regarding your company, technology team capabilities, and solution you want to launch. Additionally, provide us with the components (Cards & System) you want to see as part of your solution. Customise your app by provide some files like your logo, app icon for android app and domain URL where you intend to host the web application. And that is it. Done. Ready for launch.

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Neo-fication of financial services for Startups and SMEs

The Paysack Fintech Platform brings digital financial services across 4 core areas for startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs):

Banking: wallets, cards, payments, accounting and expense management.
Wealth Management: demat account, trading account, funding the account,  portfolio management and reports, robo-advisory and more.
Lending:  line-of-credit, loan origination and management systems to borrow from banks or other financial institutions.
Insurance:  sachet / micro loan products, management, bundled products, claims and settlements.

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