Card Management: No-code, APIs, Spreadsheets

How do you want to run your Card Management Program?

No-code-based: ready to use web dashboard which you can start using instantly.
APIs-based: for your developers to build out a custom, comprehensive in-house card program.
Terminal-based: using commands to run scripts for those who love the old-school command line-based experience.
Spreadsheet-based, Google Spreadsheet module for those who are comfortable working with the good-old excel sheets.

What is your comfort? We have the solution.

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The Evolution of APIs: Past, Present and the Future

Evolution of API Protocols/Styles

The abstract idea behind Application Programming Interface (API) which helps to communicate with other systems or applications came in to existence since early days of programming.

The concept of setting up rules to make the inter communication between software systems feasible and effective lead to old intercommunication protocols like RPC, CORBA. 

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Need cards for your payment or banking app?

With Paysack, you can provide your fintech app customers with a reloadable virtual or physical cards.

Use cards for payments, wallets, and to increase your app transactions.

With a no code platform you can get started and launch a card platform without an in-house tech team.

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