What is the Paysack Card Platform?

Paysack Card Platform is a modern API infrastructure platform that helps SMEs, Startups, Bank, Fintechs, and other Developers to build and launch awesome card products. 

Issue physical and virtual debit cards with our fully built and configurable embeddable applications.

Paysack helps developers like you launch a cards product that you envision.

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Santa goes digital this year

It’s that time of the year again – pretty trees with stars on top, winter chills, socks on hooks… and cookies for Santa!

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Gift your Employees ₹5,000 Tax Exempted this summer

Employers in India gift their employees in cash or kind. These gifts are perquisites that an employee receives from his/her employer other than wages or salary. It is usually linked to performance or is a way for an employer to provide a gift during a festival.

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